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Aguas Dulces/ Aguas Saladas, 4
Aguas Dulces/ Aguas Saladas, 4
Pigment Prints, Watercolor and Saltwater on Paper
42" x 36"

Like Open Oceans, these works also combine various photographic images of marine surfaces as well as watercolor. This addition references Rydz’s wider process of working between artistic mediums, in which she translates photographs into watercolors and painstakingly created drawings. In Aguas Dulces/Aguas Saladas, the two media are combined and layered to produce an ombre effect. Rydz embellishes these surfaces through the addition of saltwater, which dissolves into organic and crystalline patterns. As literal stains, they further allude to the histories – and traumas – embedded within water.

- Susanna V. Temkin, Curator