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Drawing on Love and Justice is a call for participation, a call for change.

In the time of a rampant pandemic.In the time of racial injustice. How can we draw on our tools to bear witness to the world we are living in and draw on love and justice to imagine a different future?

Leading up to the 2020 elections, this is a call to artists to draw on their creative tools to speak to injustice and make a commitment to draw on love and justice for positive change. We want you to participate. Use any of your creative tools (including and not limited to: cameras, scissors, pencils, yarn, brushes, computer, pens, tape) to reflect not only on what you see, but also to imagine seeing what you want to change. It is a call to draw from both observation and imagination.

Create art addressing what you see in the world and what you want to see in the future.

Share your art from September 1 – November 3 (Election Day).

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